Donald Trump Did What?

Over the holiday weekend, social media and the airwaves were full of appropriate outrage over Donald Trump’s mocking of the appearance of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s, a person with a disability.

The disparaging treatment of people with disabilities by celebrities and other public figures is sadly not all that uncommon. The list of celebrities that The Arc has called out in recent years is long – comedian Tracy Morgan, football star Joe Flacco, to name a few.

Now we have a candidate for President of the United States to add to that list.

These recent events remind us that we need to hear from all candidates on where they stand on the issues facing people with disabilities as these voters prepare to vote for their next President in less than a year.

Where do all of the candidates stand on:

  • Ensuring Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Supplemental Security Income are there for qualified people with disabilities who need support?
  • Expanding opportunity for jobs in the community for people with disabilities?
  • Creating more affordable, accessible, inclusive housing in the community for people with disabilities?
  • Ensuring that the civil rights of people with disabilities are respected in the classroom, the criminal justice system, our health care system, and so on?

Roughly one in five Americans has a disability – and there are millions of Americans who are related to, friends with, or support a person with a disability in their lives. Their votes are up for grabs. And they are listening for substance from the entire field.

And to the media covering these candidates – start asking the tough questions on how those running to be the next President will improve the lives of people with disabilities. You are in a position to change this conversation. Use your power – just as people with disabilities will use theirs come November 2016.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Did What?

  1. My name is Ashley Rose Johnson,

    I am a self Advocate that faces Learning disabilities and OCD Generalized Anxiety disorder and possible Borderline Personality disorder,

    Donald Trump had no right to say anything to the person with a disability or put them in a uncomfortable spot. I am sorry but Donald Trump thinks he is a hot TV celebrity well let me tell you he is no rights to put anyone in line out of million Americans who where born with disabilities dont need to be offended its not our fault we where born with some sort of condition that we didn’t deserve or want and have it blamed on us or our families.

    The reason why I am signing this is because I am a Vice President with The Arc of The Mid Columbia, A Self Advocate as Leaders Leader and stand with other peers or Adults with Disabilities, A Partners in Policy Making Graduate class of 2008 Student.

    I feel Donald Trump should loose his TV show and his rights to be even aired on TV for the way he acts and yells and rants at people I am sorry but not when it comes to people with disabilities I am sorry Donald but that is the way I feel. Happy Holidays!

  2. Donald Trumps behavior at the podium imitating Mr.Kovaleski was the crassest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on television.

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