Why are We Still Talking About the R-Word?

Sadly, people of all walks of life are still using it.  The most recent heinous example came from conservative commentator Ann Coulter last night, when she not only used it in a tweet, she referred to the President of the United States with the word.  That’s wrong on two levels – one – the r-word has no place in our society, and two – the office of the President deserves more respect no matter who occupies it.

Words are powerful.  While the r-word may not have the same emotion and meaning behind it to everyone, it’s a hurtful, disrespectful, and unacceptable word to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  And that’s enough to remove it from the national dialogue.

The Arc is part of a large, national effort to “end the word” and we encourage you to talk to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, family – really, anyone you cross paths with – and educate them about why this word is so wrong.  The r-word has no place in politics or any other social or professional setting.  We need you to spread the word to end the word!

Join us in this fight – because with your help, we CAN end it!

One thought on “Why are We Still Talking About the R-Word?

  1. Ann Coulter recently offended millions of people on CNN by making slurs about President Obama using the “R” word. This has nothing to do with politics. Someone who intentionally insults persons with disabilities and their families by using derogatory and obsolete terms would have to be uncaring and/or uneducated. By the way, who is Ann Coulter?

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