Important Survey from the Disability and Abuse Project of Spectrum Institute

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A startling fact that many not be aware of is that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are not only more likely to be victims of abuse, but they are more likely to be victimized repeatedly.

Struck by the number of abuse cases against individuals with disabilities appearing in the media, the Disability and Abuse Project of Spectrum Institute created a survey on the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of many demographic groups (including individuals with disabilities) that have encountered abuse as victims and through their profession.   The survey was created to help advocates and professionals better understand what victims are saying about their abuse experiences and how professionals view their experiences with abuse/crime victims.

This survey will provide professionals in the disability field useful information that can help better serve our community.  The survey takes about 8 minutes, is completely anonymous, and all results will be published online.

Whether you are a person with a disability, a family member of someone with a disability or a professional in the disability field, you are welcome to take this survey. Over 2300 have already let their voices be heard, make sure yours is one of them!

One thought on “Important Survey from the Disability and Abuse Project of Spectrum Institute

  1. We have a responsibility to provide for those individuals, that through no fault of their own, cannot work and support themselves. They are unable to access medical and dental care without help or pay for medical care and because of their disability require more access to medical care and services. It is the right of all the disabled to receive services that they need, without prejudice. This is a country for the people, by the people and with the people. Let’s not forget that.

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