White House Community Leaders Briefing Videos

A collection of videos, shot by The White House at the White House for the Community Leaders Briefing February 10, 2012.

President Obama Speaks at Briefing with The Arc

Community Leaders Briefing with The Arc: Part 1

Community Leaders Briefing with The Arc: Part 2


3 thoughts on “White House Community Leaders Briefing Videos

  1. Thank you for making it possible for people across the nation to get this important information. Keep up the good work!

  2. President Obama, not only am I voting for you, I believe you and KNOW you will help us with disabilities keep our insurance, keep being able to live as citizens, and I thank you for all you do for all of us. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  3. Thank you!! Mr president,and all of the other staff that took the time to address our issues. I hope that our issues continue to be addressed, first I know this is not only about me and where I work; my brother who is formally a willowbrook person still lives at home because my mother was afraid to let him go after that experience. Now she’s old, and my brother though independent and works part time doesn’t want to leave, they are both on medication. They have many problems… I just spent six months getting their apartment cleaned up, calling several social services, adult protective services, opwdd on and on. I’ve had many sleepless nights, but if there were not medicaid, medicare, opwdd I would have to quit my job. Because those services are still in place I can go to work and my mother, and brother still have their independence which they have fault hard to keep dispite their conditions! I don’t know how they feel inside but I understand it. One day I know my mother will have to let my brother go and I pray that he will be able to keep his independence. I admire him so much, he always wanted to work so he went to vocational training at mayflower, learned to travel, we helped him learned to read, cook… Later he would go to the wiz music store, before we knew what was going on, he got to know the people there because he loves music then started doing odd jobs for them. Eventually they hired him and he worked there for many years; at the time he was making more money than me. I kept him job oriented when he had problems and he did good. One day he had to leaved there but that experience is what helps him deal with job and social problems today, I’m so proud to be his sister.

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