What would YOU ask the White House?

This past Tuesday, the nation tuned in to watch President Obama give his third State of the Union address. To continue the conversation, over the next few days the White House is giving the public an opportunity to get their questions answered by senior White House officials.  On Friday, it’s our turn!

Tomorrow at 9:00 am EST, Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy will be available to answer questions on Twitter. This session has been organized to specifically address questions about disability related issues, so let’s make The Arc’s voice heard at the White House!

You can submit your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #WHChat. Kareem will answer the questions in real-time on Twitter, you can follow the Q&A through the @WHLive Twitter account.

Please share any questions you get answered with The Arc – http://twitter.com/thearcus.

2 thoughts on “What would YOU ask the White House?

  1. I was disappointed that the President didn’t give time during his speech to talk about our citizens with disabilities… A great opportunity to speak about the advancement in immediate care for those with brain injuries…. with representative Giffords in the front row. We as a nation have come a long way since the days of Brady in 1981, 30 years. The need for more funding for those whether they be high profile cases or low profile cases. The need for more funding for years of care… such as the bill HR868 which died on the last day of 2010, a bipartisan resolution to provide enhancement of wages who are Direct Care professionals… the resolution always died on the last day of the past 3-4 sessions… Also it is time for the states to comply with the Olmstead decision of 1999 by the US Supreme Court… time to get people off waiting lists, for services…

  2. I work a gurl with verbal palsy I have been working with her for over ten years now and over the last couple years I am really see what the tow of the budgets cuts are affecting her j also have a friend with spin abifda who because of funding and insurance she she got a wheel chair five yrs ago but she had a baby and her hip have expanding and she out grown her chair and her doctors and her jab been fighting to get her a new chair they are people just like me the just need help like a wheel chair to get around they should not get pentalized because a fund some thing has to be done or all these programs out here to help these kids that waiting list because they can’t afford to let more client in because of budget cuts they can’t afford to hire more staff to get more clients so they are not on waiting list waiting at home to go to learn it not right they should beable to learn

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