The Arc Reacts to Alleged Crimes against Four Individuals with Disabilities in Philadelphia

WASHINGTON, DC – Peter V. Berns, the CEO of The Arc of the United States, released the following statement regarding the alleged crimes committed against four individuals with disabilities in Philadelphia discovered over the weekend.

“The horrifying news out of Philadelphia about the four people with disabilities locked up in deplorable conditions is inexcusable and the justice system must get to the bottom of this case. People with disabilities are often the target of violent crime, in fact the 2008 National Crime Victim Survey found that violent crimes committed against people with disabilities is twice as high compared to those without disabilities. That’s why The Arc works with law enforcement and victim advocates to enhance their skills in reaching out to and supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are victims, to give them the tools they need to move from victim to survivor.”

4 thoughts on “The Arc Reacts to Alleged Crimes against Four Individuals with Disabilities in Philadelphia

  1. Then why in the heck is the Feds, county, state trying to remove services to keep these people safe. The only time something can be done ia when something like this happens. Shame on the county boards.

  2. We at the Disability & Abuse project have been working on this exact problem since 1971. We have over the years convened 10 conferences on the topic, developed 2 law enforcement training videos, developed a child-abuse related “first responder’s training” curriculum and provided training and guidebooks for survivors of abuse (sexual abuse), risk reduction strategies, etc. Yet, “the public” shows no outcry. No horror. Or if so only momentarily then back to…something. when funding requests are made, media requests are made, the urgency of this epidemic problem seems to go unheard. I approached 20/20 once thinking it would be perfect for them, yet, the idea was rejected as “too tragic”. Crimes like this are happening all over the country (and world). When will there be public demand for better intervention, safety nets, prosecutions, risk reduction strategies funded and in place? We keep working on this everyday. Thank you, Peter, for stepping up and making a public statement. We are now producing a weekly newsfeed on our website, hoping this will help inform our community. Please visit us each week for the latest national and international news, links, blogs as we build our reach.

  3. the news about this was so sickening and painful that i could hardly bear it.
    it’s a reminder of what happened to people with disabilities many decades ago. unfortunately, the attitude for that behavior, i think comes from the disregard for people with disabilities in our society. I recently found a t-shirt at that reads “religion is retarded”. i wrote to them and asked for it to be removed because i c onsider that an epithet. they think it’s fine and not offensive and will not remove it. i asked if they are human and without compassion.

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