Autism Bill Now Law – Celebrate, but Back to Work!

Thanks to many of you who reached out to your Members of Congress as the clock ticked down on the Combating Autism Act – President Obama signed a three year extension of the law on Friday. Without approval by the House and Senate, and President Obama’s signature, this important law for children on the autism spectrum could have disappeared.

The Combating Autism Act provides funding to educate professionals about proper screening, diagnosis, and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. It also funds autism research and surveillance. The Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program is just one of the things that the law supports.

While this is a moment to celebrate our success, our work is far from over. In 2014, Congress will need to revisit this law, and The Arc is committed to pushing for the next version to include services and research across the lifespan.

2 thoughts on “Autism Bill Now Law – Celebrate, but Back to Work!

  1. This bill is a scam. It exists to hide the truth. We can end autism by removing all mercury from vaccines. We can cure autism by chelating mercury out of the brain with Alpha Lipoic Acid. The research is just a waste of money to avoid telling the truth about how autism is being caused intentionaslly by shooting mercury into pregnant women with the flu shot.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog, and give us your thoughts.

      Due to the substantial rise in the number of autism cases, some have believed that vaccinations have played a role in the rise of autism in children. However, this theory has been extensively tested in at least a dozen rigorous scientific studies which have overwhelmingly failed to show any connection between vaccines and autism. The Institute of Medicine, an independent, objective advisor to the nation on health, reviewed these studies and found no plausible evidence that vaccines cause autism. The flu causes thousands of deaths across the country every flu season, and many pregnant women choose to get a flu shot to protect them and their unborn child from this serious and potentially dangerous illness.

      Here’s a recent news story about the Institute of Medicine and its findings:

      Also, please check out our fact sheet on this issue:

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