Office Move: Website, Email and Phone Downtime

The Arc is moving to new offices – beginning in the new location on Monday September 26. Our new address is: The Arc, 1825 K Street, NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20006.

During the moving process, portions of The Arc’s website, email system and phone lines will be down for a period of time, starting Friday, September 23.

What Will be Effected?

  • The Arc’s main website:
  • The Arc’s email system: you will not be able to contact staff via email.
  • The Arc’s phone lines: you will not be able to call The Arc’s main office in Washington, D.C.

What Will Not be Effected?

How Will I Know When the Site is Live Again?

2 thoughts on “Office Move: Website, Email and Phone Downtime

  1. Dear David Kennedy:

    Would you or someone else in authoirity at ARC of the United States please respond to the several e-mails I have have sent in the past few weeks asking what ARC of the United States is doing proactively to protest the insensitive slur on all fellow Americans who are developmentally disadvantaged by former White House No. 2 to Mr. Obama but more recently has become Mayor of Chicago — Rahm Emanuel?

    Several months ago Mr. Rahm Emanuel made the front page of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL where he was deservedly quoted as calling people involved in an interview with him “F—king REtards.”

    He was forced to apologize, but as the parent of such a person who is also successfully employed and paying taxes and living independently and using public transportation, I have not nor anyone I know yet seen a peep or a pica re what ARC of the United States and ARC-Essex of New Jersey are doing to get rid of the word RETARDED itself in the very names of their organizations.

    As you well know, Mr. Kennedy, ARC stands for “Association of (or for) RETARDED Citizens.” So come on, old friend: As his new wife said to Prince Charles back then, “My grandmother was your grandfather’s mistress, Chuck, so how about it?”

    I would appreciate your getting back to me on this subject without delay, because I do not intend to let it just blow over. I will see if I can extract from our files and send you what The New York Times assigned me to write about our son that they proudly ran under title MANCHILD COMING OF AGE. I had written before then an article that Joe “Mr. Health” Fogarty of Massachusetts credited with helping him push through Congress the first Federal allocation to finance research into “the causes of mental retardation.” He told me he made sure The Congressional Record phrased it that way when he filed his speech on the subject in its pages..

    Hubert Humphrey and I fought long and hard — before and after that — for this cause in the major print media, but not only because we both had family members with Down Syndrome — Vicki Solomonson in his and Mark Thomas Farley Anthony Conniff in ours.

    Hubert and I just felt it was long overdue that somebody did something as aggressively to set the record straight as a prominent but selfish non-entity like Rahm Emanuel went kneejerk-fashion out of his way to mock so offensively. It still is far too long overdue.

    Mr. Emanuel epitomizes to an embarrassing extent the cold fact that, one way or another and to varying degrees, we are ALL LIMITED, Mr. Kennedy. It’s about time ARC of the United States came out swinging to take away the Rahm Emanual stink from these admirable, sociable, more and more educable, adaptable, trainable and employable fellow citizens.

    Mr. Emanuel has given us a priceless opportunity without having the intelligence to understand how valuable can be the fallout from his brashand foulmouthed insensitivity. Let’s help him, shall we?

    We all need you to tell us what’s afoot to make the most of that opportunity. And if nothing is afoot so far, why would that be, sir? How come, Mr. Kennedy?

    Please let me know if you will be kind enough to ask your top people why they’re dragging their feet, if that’s the shameful case?

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible — once your infrastructure overcomes its own developmentally-deprived current situation.

    Thank you.

    James C. G. Conniff
    119 Clarewill Avenue
    Upper Montclair, NJ 0703-2308

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