Discrimination in the Workplace – Has It Happened to You?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is taking up a troubling employer discrimination lawsuit. Jason O’Dell of Maryland applied for work as a lab technician through a major national employment agency. The opportunity seemed promising, but shortly after disclosing his Asperger’s diagnosis, the lawsuit states that Jason was told that the position was “on hold.” But the agency allegedly kept on recruiting to fill the job.

So the federal government stepped in and slapped a lawsuit against the firm, called Randstad. Since this is a huge, national employment agency, The Arc wants to know – has anyone out there had a similar experience with the company? We can’t allow discrimination like this to be tolerated.

Share your story with us in the comments, or email Kristen Bossi at bossi@thearc.org.

2 thoughts on “Discrimination in the Workplace – Has It Happened to You?

  1. yes, it’s been happening and i’m still there, but I think they might fire because i’m a single parent with a son age 11 yrrs. and i’ve worked at wal-greens pharmacy for almost 10 yrs. now and they are and have been doing this or some time and my child is ppdnos/autism/asper. since 3 1/2 yrs. i’m a pharmacy tech.. same store working for the last 9 yrs.. due to my schedule and comments that have made to me to my face and behind my back..probable will need a lawyer for a case of this nature..

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